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What will you do differently this year?

Here we are again, New Years Day of a brand new year. A brand new empty book of 365 glorious pages.  The year to make your mark.  A year where anything is possible.

Every year I hear the same thing: “last year was awful/OK/difficult but this year will be fantastic, I can feel it!”.  That’s great but when I ask what the person will do differently to create a different result I get the usual answers: focus more, appreciate the little things, work harder, take time for me (that’s a big one) and many other usual suspects.  I have been watching the people with defined goals and the people with ill-defined goals and have enjoyed observing the results.  Goals are great but what I have found is that the number of goals is an important consideration.  Overload your brain and it doesn’t have time to think!  Just one or two big goals and an achievable map to get there works. Everything else tends to happen around these.

The question is, what do you focus on?  Have you considered focusing on your network with a vision to create a network that can propel you toward your goal?  Do this and you will be amazed at how your goal will manifest itself.  You will learn what you need to learn from people who are already doing what you want to do, you will create a group of advisors around you who can keep you on the appropriate path and you surround yourself with the suppliers and mentors you will need to make your goal a reality.

Go on, try it! If you need help then check out the mentor program to help you do just that.

We can’t do everything alone.  Remember it takes a village to raise a child.  How much more could you achieve if you had the right network around you?

Happy New Year!

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