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The gift of a few minutes

How busy are we these days?

We are all doing too much, consuming too much and processing way too much information. Our bodies and brains are not physiologically advanced enough to handle the amount of external stimuli we receive on a daily basis without some internal backlash. Now more than ever we need to be mindful of what we eat, how much we sleep and most importantly how valuable our downtime is.

The other day I was rushing around doing all the errands I hadn’t had time to do throughout the week. I only had a certain amount of time between taking the kids to school and getting back to the office to finish an important article, make three important phone calls and then prepare for an important meeting. I was busy and stressed.

My last errand before leaving the shopping centre was to visit the post office, I charged around the corner only to find a queue that extended out the door. After muttering several cranky expletives I stood in the queue and fumed a little.

After my initial crankiness I realised there was nothing I could do and being upset was not going to make the queue move any faster so I may as well find the gift in the moment. I immediately relaxed.

The next 5 or so minutes were just wonderful, my mind wandered, switched off and I began thinking about various questions I had been asking myself recently. By the time I got to the front of the queue I had created a vision for a new website in my head with a structure and was extremely clear on how it could work. What I had not had the gift of time enforced upon me in that moment? That business idea may have never happened.

Consequently, my day after that was a lot less stressed because I had no other option than to take a breather. Yes, it was only five minutes but the effect of that five minutes was profound. Now I have a created a space at home that is my sanctuary. It is outside with trees around, a comfortable lounger and a table for a cup of tea. Taking 5 is now a solid part of my business day and I can tell you that my productivity has soared.

How and where will you take 5?

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