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You know you have to network to support your career or business.  That is a given.  The problem is finding the time to manage, grow and activate your networks.  Putting energy into your networks is a sure-fire way to boost business and knowledge for both you and them so why don’t we do it?  One reason – time!

Networking Mentor makes sense of it all.  Consistent, simple tasks, tips and suggestions that grow and nurture your network over time.

We’ll send you a simple, no-fluff guide each week with tips and ideas to connect with your networks – online and offline – over the coming week.  There’ll be links to further video training that you can view, or not, depending on what you need or have time for at the time.  We’ll also include handy tips on time management each week – some of which have transformed the way we do business ourselves!

The video training you will have access to is first-class, relevant and based on years of experience.  If you need some hand-holding, we have a number of mentors and trainers who can develop a personal plan with you or create a training program for your company.  Just ask us for further information.

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