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Mind your language

How is your language these days?

Have you ever taken note of the words you use and how you speak about yourself, your role, your business, your family or your ambition?  What words do you use?  How do you answer when others ask how you are?

Do you say things like “I am so busy and just can’t get through everything!” or “I am just exhausted!”?

How do you talk to yourself?

Do you say things like “I have no money”, “I couldn’t possibly afford that”, “I am so busy I can’t get through everything!”, “I don’t have enough time!!”?

We are all guilty of looking for sympathy sometimes.  That’s fine, but have you considered the damage it is doing if done on a regular basis?

Our brain believes what we tell it and fires off an electrical impulse in response.  How different could things be if we told our brain how fabulous and calm we were?  You only have to think of the last scary or sad movie you saw to know that what we think or see can elicit a powerful emotional response according to our belief system.  This is why different people react to the same movie in a different way.  What if we could change our belief system?


“Our brain believes what we tell it and fires off an electrical impulse in response”

Make a difference in your life by altering your language to yourself.  Focus on your strengths and the positives around you.  Each time you have a negative thought just change it into a positive one. Even if times are tough there are always things that can make you smile – you just have to look for them.  For example instead of thinking “I can’t do this task” try “How can I learn the skills I need to do this task, who can I ask?”.

Taming the thoughts in your head is the first step and then change your language when you speak to others.

This also goes for networking. Think about the people you’ve met over the last few months.  Were you drawn to the person who complained about how busy they were?  Would you be likely to give them more work to add to their already busy workload?  Surely not!  More likely you were drawn to the happy person who was positive and friendly.  Some days we have to fake it until we make it but generally it is easy to do once you are conscious of it.

Go on, try it for a month. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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