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My name is Kim McGuinness and I have built my whole career on networking. It has landed me roles, clients, mentors and a vast resource of extremely valuable contacts and opportunities. Networking was so integral to my learning and success that I established Network Central to help others do the same, and spend whatever time I have not running the network, speaking and training on the subject.

Running Network Central, has enabled me to observe the networking habits of thousands of people and allowed me to interview hundreds of influencers on their keys to success. And it always comes back to relationships – not just who you know, but what kind of connection you make.  I’ve seen people completely transform their relationships with staff, clients, companies and (ultimately) themselves, in a way that has not just promoted their career but boosted productivity to unprecedented levels.  And in these 13 years, I’ve seen what works and I’ve seen what doesn’t.

What works is very straightforward. Consistency, momentum and knowing where to spend your time.  This is why Networking Mentor was created.

Old style networking – card sharking at 20 events a week then spending the rest of your time trying to follow up on those superficial connections – doesn’t work and gets overwhelming, fast.  That’s why we don’t do it.  Instead, you’ll receive clear, do-able, weekly guidelines that will analyse, organise and grow your network. Grow it consistently, authentically and with respect. We’ll pull together both online and offline networking opportunities in a time efficient manner. We’ll organise activities to take place when they are most effective. And we’ll give you access to the latest information, tools and ideas to make it all so much easier. You’ll also get to learn from many other experts in this space and senior leaders who have built impressive networks and have some great lessons to share.  More information is below but if you are keen to get started then you can check out the subscription options here.

I watch people leave business and opportunities on the table time and time again – don’t let this happen to you.

I look forward to helping you grow your network!

Best always,

Kim x

[picture_frame src=”Client Name”]http://www.networkingmentor.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/flyingsolo.jpg[/picture_frame]
[blockquote cite=”Conference Attendee”]Kim McGuinness’s information presented the biggest breakthrough for me. I have taken away some fantastic ideas for how to be a more active, more comfortable, and more successful networker. Honestly, that’s why I went to Flying Solo Live – to network. But, Kim’s presentation changed my entire understanding of what that meant. My networking before her talk was pathetic. My networking after was fantastic. I learned a lot.[/blockquote]


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The Networking Mentor Program

is an ongoing training and mentoring program that is delivered weekly by email. Each week builds on the previous one so that your network is analysed, organised, consistently maintained and grown. Effective networks are critical in business today and Networking Mentor will ensure that yours is first rate, dynamic and your unique currency that sets you apart.

Networking Mentor assists you to identify your spheres of influence and track your network so that no-one is forgotten. In my experience many lucrative referrals have come from obscure connections that only blossomed because I made them happen and paid attention. I’ll show you how to create relationships that work with confidence, clarity and kindness to give them every opportunity to grow.[blockquote align=”right”] Effective networks are critical in business today and Networking Mentor will ensure that yours is first rate, dynamic and your unique currency that sets you apart. [/blockquote]

Networking Mentor is a continuous mentoring program that is delivered direct to your inbox every week. Each weekly installment will contain ideas and suggestions to grow your network along with a link to relevant online training. Each week’s information builds on the one before it. Follow the instructions and you will surely build, grow and nurture your network, both online and offline whilst learning some very valuable skills along the way. The Mentor Program also serves as a reminder to take action and gives relevant ideas on how to do that.

The program also serves as a reminder to be active within your network and take action each week, providing relevant steps to make it happen.

Coupled with this, our resource section for members will allow you to have access to training relevant to the weekly action plan so that you will always have the information you need if and when you need it. Learn about social media, receive countless networking tips, learn about face to face networking, LinkedIn, facebook, Google+ and other online networking options if you need to – all these resources are there – but the key to success is consistency and action.

[blockquote align=”left”]Training is great, but it is the application of that knowledge that will create results. Networking mentor ensures that training and action go hand in hand on a consistent basis to guarantee results.[/blockquote]Networking Mentor gives you the tools and reminders to make sure that action actually does take place! We all get busy and overwhelmed from time to time so use the program and learn how to be more effective in less time on a consistent basis and allow your network to flourish. Networking Mentor helps you manage your network so it doesn’t take over your life but supports it effectively. An effective network must support you as much as you support it – Networking Mentor will help you achieve that balance.

Networking Mentor is certainly affordable with three levels of subscription. There are no contracts and you are free to cancel at any time. Members receive unlimited tech support by email to ensure the program works for you. To order, just click the button below and you will be taken to a page with package information and a purchase link. Any questions, please contact us.


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Here’s what you can look forward to:

Silver Package

[icon style=”email”]A weekly email with step by step instructions to analyse, create, build and nurture your network – each email building on the one before it[/icon]

[icon style=”calendar”]A weekly reminder to pay attention to your network and time-efficient ideas to maximise your efforts[/icon]

[icon style=”download”]Access to a library of training articles and videos with new content added every month – no fluff, just relevant information delivered when you need it.[/icon]

Gold Package

[icon style=”chain”]All Silver package benefits[/icon]

[icon style=”multiuser”]A monthly Q&A webinar where you can ask questions and seek specific advice to your situation.[/icon]

[icon style=”globe”]Monthly interviews with other successful business men and women to learn how they network, their keys for success and what works for them[/icon]

Platinum Package

[icon style=”chain”]All Gold package benefits[/icon]

[icon style=”id”]Direct email access to ask any networking related question – response by COB next business day in most cases.[/icon]

[icon style=”phone”]1 hour private monthly mentoring session with Kim McGuinness (via Skype, limited memberships available)[/icon]


[picture_frame src=”Client Name”]http://www.networkingmentor.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/holloway.jpg[/picture_frame]
[blockquote cite=”Mandy Holloway, Director, Courageous Leaders”]Kim appreciates and values the process of networking in a very real and authentic way and manages to bring simplicity to how busy people can make it work for them. It is not about creating sales, its about creating enduring relationships, built on trust and integrity, and that is the power of what this program brings.[/blockquote]

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