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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Networking Mentor necessary?

Because a majority of people are throwing away the most valuable resources around them. Networking Mentor can help.


2. Why should I take action now?

Because every day you procrastinate is costing you money, connections and progress.


3. How is the training delivered?

You will receive access to our online course platform with step by step training videos, workbook and worksheets – each week builds on the one before it so that this is a journey, not just skill training.  You will have step by step access to each module and then lifetime access to all updates of the course. The idea is to not overload you and create a mountain of things to do each week.  Rather, we show the most time effective activities to focus on so you are not spending hours and hours on ineffective tasks.


4. Why Should We Believe You?

Because our founder has 20+ years experience observing networking habits through targeted networks and activities and has been networking for a lifetime.  Kim also ran her own highly regarded, multi-city corporate business network for 16 years before selling it in February 2015. You can read more about Kim here or on LinkedIn.


5. What is your refund policy?

Full 60 day money back guarantee if you see no results after 60 days and have applied the training.  We are convinced that if you apply the knowledge then you and your network will never look back.



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