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Having a career plan is not just about deciding what career you want to have, it is about making it happen and surrounding yourself with the tools, information and networks to support that.  Your network is your source for information, opportunities and mentors and is critical to your success.  Focused attention on building and nurturing your network can only be a good thing.

Time out to really get clear on your goals is the most important planning exercise you could possibly do.  Once you are clear on where you are headed, other universal forces can fall in behind you.  You can attract the right people, find the right opportunities and move forward with courage, conviction and clarity.  Imagine driving to a new location where you don’t know the way or the area compared with driving to an old friends house where you know the roads like the back of your hand.  Which journey is more stressful?

When you have a reason to connect with someone the connection is stronger from the outset.  If you are clear and determined on where you are headed then you have a reason to connect with people who can help you get there.  One thing we keep forgetting in this life (myself included) is that humans intrinsically love to help and feel needed.  Ask for mentors, advice and guidance with courage and people will be only too happy to give it to you.  If they truly can’t manage to help or don’t have the time to be your mentor then they will be flattered you asked and won’t forget you.

So, where are you going and who can help you get there?


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