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Our mission is to create a more connected world.  One that has us working with each other, not against each other.  One that creates collaboration over competition and cohesion over division.

Imagine the difference to your world if you had an army of people looking out for you?

Networking can be a scary word. Often the mere thought of having to converse with total strangers creates feelings of fear, unworthiness, dread and the general cringe factor. However, it is clear to just about everyone that networking is vital for career and business success, both from an individual and company perspective.

So, we know we must do it, but give us any excuse and we will make sure we don’t have time. Give us anywhere else to be and we’ll make sure we are there instead. We get that, we live it, but we have found ways to integrate networking in such a way that it becomes second nature, easy and, dare we say it, enjoyable!

Not only that, we have systems and processes that ensure you are building networks the right way, with the right people and with clarity and confidence. Drive your future by strategically connecting with people who can get you to where you want to go and understand exactly who you are and where you want to go in the first place.


Build your Best Network

Build and maintain your ideal network and watch it propel you to your destination. Make it purposeful, understandable and fun and it will carry you forward for life.

Uncover Your Personal Brand

Know who you are, how you are perceived and influence the way people talk about you when you are not around.  Build a brand that generates consistent, qualified referrals effortlessly.

Unleash your productivity

Productivity is more than a few well-meaning checklists. Understand your energy profile and power hours to create a custom-built, fail-safe system that increases your output many times over.

Want to Start your Own Network?

Ever wanted to start your own networking organisation? Learn from someone who ran a highly successful, multi-city networking and mentoring organisation for 16 years and dramatically slash your learning curve.


Having run her own business and business network for 16 years and prior to that, in roles that provided training, advocacy and support to other business owners, Kim has had a front row seat to see what works, which people succeed and what elements make the difference.  Kim is absolutely passionate about unearthing your authentic driver, building a sustainable business or career that supports you and building the community around your personal brand.

Kim McGuinness is Managing Director of Mentor Central where she co-runs a renowned yearly Mentor Program for Executive Women where she aligns senior experienced leaders with up and coming managers.  Until recently Kim ran Network Central, a business network for middle to senior managers and consultants which she founded in February 1999. Network Central was acquired by Women’s Agenda (Private Media Pty Ltd) in February 2015.  Prior to Network Central Kim headed up the Business Briefings and Events unit at Australian Business Ltd (NSW Business Chamber) and Business Sydney Newspaper. Kim is also one of Australia’s leading commentators on business, marketing and networking. She holds tertiary qualifications in marketing and training and is a keen student, recently completing studies in IT and nutrition. Kim is a leading speaker at many conferences and events, is a regular MC, and has developed a number of training programs for blue chip companies. Kim is co-author of Network or Perish – Learn the Secrets of Master Networkers and is featured in Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed, What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me and What I Wish I Knew About Motherhood. More information on Kim’s LinkedIn profile

Kim is inspired by people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. “So much of business today is bravado with the reality nothing like the image. Do what you can do in the time you have and do it well and your business will thrive. Understand what your priorities are, what you want your business to deliver and the network you need to make that happen.” Kim believes networks are critical in business and that networking is much more than a handshake. It is about building effective and valuable relationships that will underpin your business activities. “The value of an effective network cannot be underestimated. You don’t have to network with everyone, choose those who you really connect with, reach out to those who can drive you further, and build solid relationships”. These people become your eyes and ears in the marketplace as you do for them.

Kim McGuinness
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